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Aspen Combi Lipo Transfer by body-jet & harvest-jet

The innovative harvest-jet and body-jet are high tech fattransfer devices. Harvest-jet is specifically calibrated for the safe and effective removal of small to medium amounts of fat and body-jet is used for bigger amounts of fat. Both devices uses the gentle power of water to dislodge, wash and harvest high-quality fat, which can be collected in a separate Filler or Lipo-Collector. This harvest-jet assisted fat transfer procedures is effortless for the physician, with settings fine-tuned to safely and carefully remove fat with ease, while protecting both patients and fat cells from harm. Simple, safe and effective, Aspen Combi Lipo Transfer by body-jet or harvest-jet is the effortless way to remove and harvest high-quality fat.

Procedures examples

Harvest-jet with filler-collector

Harvest-jet and filler-collector breast enlargement 1-2 cups

Body-jet with filler-collector

For breast enlargement 1-3 cups

Body-jet with lipo-collector

For breast enlargement 2-4 cups

In all cases breast enlargement with

For more information about the Aspen Lipo Combi Transfer procedure, click here.


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