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About Regenerative and Stem Cells

In some countries, revolutionary stem cell isolation (during harvesting) from body-jet fat and immediate application and treatments open new entire area for orthopedic diseases and aesthetic as well.

Regenerative cells promote healing and regeneration of injured or damaged tissue. Stem cells are regenerative cells that can differentiate into multiple cell types to form new functional tissue.

Regenerative cells may also secrete factors that reduce auto-immune responses and inflammation, promote cell survival, and stimulate tissue regeneration.

Regenerative cells can be isolated, concentrated, and used therapeutically to repair and regenerate tissue throughout the body.

Adipose tissue (fat) is a rich and easily accessible source of regenerative cells.

Applications of Regenerative and Stem Cells Therapy

Excess adipose tissue is easily harvested and contains a much higher proportion of regenerative cell types such as mesenchymal stem cells compared to other tissue sources such as bone marrow or blood.

Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRC's) can be prepared in about 60 minutes and administered intravenously or locally to reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing.

ADRC can also be used in combination with surgical and orthopedic procedures such as those to repair broken bones or injured tendons and ligaments to enhance the rate and extent of healing.

In-Clinic Procedure

First, a small sample of fat tissue is removed from the patient using a simple lipoaspiration technique or New South Beach Lipo if combined with liposuction or fat transfer.

Next, the tissue is processed to isolate and prepare regenerative cells.

The regenerative cell preparation is then injected back into the patient at the site of an injury or in addition to fat transfer.

Initial results may be evident within weeks.

Natural Breast Enhancement is an excellent option for any woman who is looking to add up to 1-2 cup sizes without artificial implants.

Starting Procedures  (in every country)

Expanded Procedures - combination with stem cells - future in aesthetic, already in some countries

Orthopedic treatments with stem cells 

All procedures are performed only under local anesthesia



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