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The gentle way of liposuction and autologous fat transfer

Transform your shape with the natural flow of water

The most popular and best liposuction: CombiLipo

Combi-Lipo / water-jet / body-jet aquashape lipo and laserlipo

The body-jet aquashape lipo (big and small areas) can be perfectly complemented by laserlipo (laserlipolysis: fat meting by laser), which stimulates the collagen production and gives the skin an extra skin tightening effect after your lipo. We recommend this so called CombiLipo ( water-jet / body-jet aquashape lipo plus laserlipo) to give you the best end results of your lipo. CombiLipo have been developed by Dr. Hans Werner in Miami, Florida. Water-jet / body-jet aquashape lipo and combi-lipo procedures are minimal invasive and can be performed throughout the entire year and even in the hot summer months.



In addition to liposuction, skin tightening (collagen shrinking), small area fat melting and permanent removal of excessive sweating using Laserlipo.


Other Lipos

Problem Zones Liposuction

Even a well-trained body of normal weight can have what are referred to as problem zones. These usually cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise. These exercise- and diet-resistant fat deposits are usually located on parts of the body where they are perceived as annoying. Using the precise power of the water-jet, unwanted fatty tissue can be gently detached from the subcutaneous tissue for permanent removal.


Breast reduction in men

The excess breast glandular and fatty tissue can be gently removed using the minimally invasive water-jet assisted liposuction, a process that also leaves no scarring at all. The precise power of the water-jet is recommended particularly for men because of the firm connective tissue. The pressure of the fine, fan-shaped water-jet can be adjusted to the different connective tissue structures so that fat cells can be selectively detached from the tissue and suctioned off at the same time.


Abdominal sculpting for men (six pack)

Even fit men with a normal weight have to battle with small but stubborn fat pads on the abdomen. Generally, these fat pads cannot be eliminated with diet or exercise. These fatty deposits, which are resistant to sport or diet, sit on the hips or stomach. Using the gentle force of the waterjet, excess fat that is located directly above the abdominal muscle area and beneath the skin (subcutaneous) is removed very precisely and specifically. The naturally present abdominal musculature is carved out and existing muscle areas are accentuated.


Fountain of youth for the face

The loss of volume has a particularly significant effect on the elasticity of the facial skin. It becomes thinner, and fine lines, wrinkles and in some cases deep furrows form in the upper layer of skin around the mouth and nose and on the forehead. To compensate for the loss of volume, autologous fat is used nowadays.

Unlike conventional synthetic fillers, body-jet AquaShape uses the body’s own fat cells to rejuvenate facial skin. Autologous fat can be used to treat glabella wrinkles (wrinkles in the skin between the eyebrows), nasolabial folds (wrinkles that go from the outer edge of the nostrils to the corners of the mouth), mental crease (a horizontal indentation running parallel to the lower lip) or wrinkles around the eyelids.



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